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What In Fact is Reseller Hosting?

There are many ways of gaining money on the Internet and one of them is to resell the hosting solutions furnished by a particular web hosting firm. This provides immeasurable possibilities for everyone who wishes to gain supplementary cash. There are different kinds of reseller hosting solutions, based on the hosting reseller's level of commitment and, of course, on the hosting supplier that provides the service. Prior to looking into that, let's first check out

What is a reseller hosting solution?

A reseller hosting service is a kind of hosting account, which allows the user to set up various subaccounts that can be sold to different clients. This is normally achieved by bestowing the user with access to a master reseller hosting account, through which he can set up various web hosting accounts utilizing the hosting server storage space included in the reseller hosting package, for which he pays a given fee. This is much similar to the shared hosting solution and just like it, with most reseller hosting programs, lots of reseller hosting accounts share the same hosting server and do not have root-level access to the web server configuration files. Such reseller programs are generally not that high-priced. Yet, they do deter the hosting resellers from supplying other sorts of web hosting solutions aside from shared web hosting packages.

Various types of reseller hosting solutions

Beside the already mentioned manner of reseller hosting packages, there are also several different setups that work just as fine. However, they differ in terms of the degrees of involvement and the amount of funds that each one of them presupposes. As mentioned, the most common way of reselling hosting solutions offers you limited possibilities and you risk losing your investment if things don't go well. This is the reason why, larger web hosting firms such as ResellersPanel.com offer alternative methods of selling web hosting accounts without having to pay for anything beforehand, or to even take care of the provision of technical and invoicing support. With their program, the reseller subscribes for free and names his very own personal retail prices for the web hosting services, which are being sold straight from his web storefront. Since invoicing transactions are tackled by ResellersPanel.com's team, the customer does not need to buy the hosting service beforehand. He's just going to receive the difference between the retail and the wholesale price in the form of a commission. The reseller also has the option to sell web hosting solutions like VPS, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated server. More or less, his role involves popularizing the hosting service and offering support to the end customers and with service providers that do not demand preliminary taxes and handle the billing and customer support provision, the sole duty left for the web hosting reseller will be to promote his private brand's online store. Another possibility will be to create different accounts on a virtual private web hosting server, or on a dedicated web hosting server. With the majority of hosting vendors, you may get those two web hosting services with a cPanel, DirectAdmin, or some other hosting Control Panel, already installed on them. That will permit you to set up various shared hosting accounts and exercise absolute authority over both the customers and the hosting server itself. Besides, on a dedicated server, you may set up various VPS server web hosting accounts and sell them to your clients. One dedicated web server may hold 1000's of private virtual server accounts, based on the web server's specs. This will allow you to provide a larger variety of services to your clients, which will furnish you with more options when promoting your online storefront. Of course, utilizing a virtual web hosting server or a dedicated web hosting server for reseller hosting aims is much more expensive than having a standard reseller hosting account. Due to this reason, this possibility should be considered only on condition that the web hosting reseller has enough understanding and experience demanded to handle a server, otherwise it's recommended to either sign up for a normal reseller hosting program, or for the aforementioned Free Reseller Program offered by ResellersPanel.com, which demands less commitment from the hosting reseller.